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Why are dentures unhealthy?

Dentures can provide people with missing teeth a fresh start. It will temporarily enhance their physical look and give them the self-assurance they may have previously lacked. However, wearing dentures have significant drawbacks. The following are challenges that most denture wearers face:

Lower Nutrients Intake

Since dentures are commonly made of materials such as porcelain or plastics, they don't take pressure as well as normal teeth. Hence, you might need to avoid certain kinds of foods to keep your dentures away from wear and tear.

It takes as much as steaming or finding an alternative to keep vital nutrients in your body. Some denture users skip a meal altogether because of the inconvenience of going through such lengthy processes to ensure their body is getting enough nutrients.

Being malnourished can have a significant impact on your quality of life. Dentures should not be the reason for a poor diet, leading to significant health problems.

Gag Reflex Issues

Dentures cause the gag reflex to be triggered. If you have a strong gag reaction, you may want to consider another type of tooth replacement option. Some denture users have reported that they gagged every time they had to wear their dentures, which has caused them to avoid various activities such as eating healthy and participating in other social activities. Dental implants are strongly recommended in these certain situations.

Face Changes

Dentures can help people smile again, but they can't stop the jawbone from getting weaker. Bones in the mouth may break down more quickly if dentures are worn because of the stress that dentures put on them. Because of this, most dentists think that Dental Implants are the best way to replace lost teeth.

Dental Implants at NoMo Dentures

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