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Does Insurance Help with Dental Implants?

Dental implants are among the most effective restorative dental procedures. Unfortunately, some insurance companies still regard the treatment as merely cosmetic. If your insurance company does not provide coverage for dental implants, you may find yourself seeking another insurance company that does.

However, insurance coverage isn’t straightforward. It is determined by the package you choose or the source of the coverage. As a result, listed below are a few things to consider when financing your dental implants.

Medical Insurance

Many patients don’t have dental insurance, or if they do, their policy will not cover implants, or their annual maximums prevent them from achieving the smile they want. In very rare scenarios a patient can use medical insurance to get dental implants.

If you can get some of the costs covered by your medical insurance, your dental implant treatment could become far more affordable. To do so, however, you must establish that the surgery is medically necessary. Medically necessary procedures are those that are “appropriate for the assessment of a disease, ailment, or damage and are compatible with the applicable standard of care.” As a result, with correct paperwork from your oral surgeon, you may potentially save thousands of dollars on your pearly whites.

What if you did not meet the medical necessity parameters for the procedure? You can still request coverage from your health insurance provider for specific implant treatments, such as removing impacted wisdom teeth or CT scans.

Dental Insurance

While the majority of dental insurance companies cover preventative procedures and dental treatments such as gum disease treatment, root canals, tooth extractions, and fillings, just a handful cover significant dental procedures such as dental crowns, dentures, and implants.

As a result, you may choose to check with your provider prior to your implant surgery. Because even if they do cover major procedures, there is a lengthy wait for the approval. However, if they do not, it is important to understand what they do cover in order to lower the expense of your implant treatment.

No Insurance? No Problem.

There are dental practices that excel at implant dentistry. Dr. Ilya Benjamin and his team at NoMo Dentures are committed to reducing any financial barriers that prevent patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and throughout the country from receiving the best oral care possible.

While your gums heal from implant surgery, the majority of permanent bridge solutions require you to wear an expensive temporary bridge. However, Dr. Ilya Benjamin encourages his patients to continue wearing their existing bridges or dentures during the healing phase to avoid going a day without teeth. This alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Finally, NoMo Dentures’ Membership Savings Plan is a cost-effective option that makes dental treatment more affordable in exchange for a low annual membership fee. So, why worry about insurance coverage when you can experience high-quality dentistry for a fraction of the cost at Las Vegas’s most modern practice?