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A simple
process with
a major payoff.
No More Dentures

Here's how it works

complimentary consultation
Step 1
You'll start with a complimentary consultation.
Your first consultation can be conducted in one of three ways: Come to our office, meet up virtually on your computer, or invite our mobile unit to make a visit to your home. No matter how we connect, we’ll talk through the process, answer your questions, and give you a straightforward, all-inclusive price.
You'll have the option to get images taken on the same day.

You’ll never feel pressure from our team to move forward with the procedure. Nevertheless, for those who choose an in-office or mobile unit visit, we can start by taking your images on the same day.

same day images taken
Step 2
digital preview of your new smile
Step 3
Within about 48 hours, we'll send you a digital preview of your new smile.

Our breakthrough imaging software is really special. Through a series of images, it recreates your mouth with 120 microns of accuracy (the best in the industry). This not only allows us to give you a precise digital preview of your smile but also guarantees a natural bite and a perfect fit for your permanent prosthetics.

Then, we'll give you a chance to weigh in if anything looks off.

Most of our patients are enamored by their digital smile previews, but we do offer one complimentary change at this stage to make sure everything looks just right. While they’re rarely needed, additional change orders are available for a small fee.

one complimentary change
Step 4
schedule time
Step 5
From there, we'll schedule a time to place your implants.

Your implant procedure will take place about two weeks after your imaging. Whenever possible, we’ll take a guided, graftless approach to place your implants which allows for quicker healing. This gentle approach combined with generous sedation will help keep you comfortable during the procedure and through your healing process.

Then, we'll give them plenty of time to heal, naturally.

Unlike alternative bridge solutions or “snap-on” dentures, we don’t force new teeth in a mouth that hasn’t properly healed. Instead, we give your mouth the time it needs to heal naturally, which generally takes about four to six months. This ensures a more precise fit in the long run.


time to heal, naturally
Step 6
mock-up bridge
Step 7
When we're getting close, you'll get a mock-up of your permanent prosthetics to try for a week.

Using exact measurements from your images, we’ll 3D print a beautiful mock-up bridge for you to wear for about a week to ensure you love the look, fit, and bite.

We'll make tweaks to ensure the look and fit are just what you want.

At this point, you’ll get one more complimentary change order if you need it, and additional changes are available for a small fee.

tweaks to ensure the look
Step 8
handcraft your new teeth
Step 9
Our skilled lab technicians will handcraft your new teeth in our in-house lab.

Once we’re sure we’ve got everything just right, our team will go to work using the industry’s most advanced technology to construct your zirconia prosthetics.

Finally, we'll fixate a smile you love, once and for all.

With a smile constructed from the most biocompatible, aesthetic, and virtually bullet-proof material for prosthetic teeth and a bite that’s as natural as you remember, you can confidently say goodbye to dentures forever.

say goodbye to dentures
Step 10