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No More Dentures
Perfect Smile without Dentures
Ditch Your
Upgrade to a Custom-Fit, Permanent
Bridge Solution.
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Fed up with dentures?

Missing teeth or failing teeth not only keep you from enjoying your favorite foods but often have a sneaky way of stealing your confidence, too. You’re here, so it’s clear you’re ready for a change. But investing in your mouth can feel risky.
Embarrassing Dentures ?
No more embarrassing moments.

Using break-through microtechnology, we start by ensuring a perfect fit (with at least 120 microns of accuracy, if you’re into that sort of thing).

No more skipping foods you love.

We custom-build your bridge from zirconia, the most biocompatible, aesthetic, and virtually bullet-proof material for prosthetic teeth. So, bring out the corn-on-the-cob! With No More Dentures, your bite is indestructible.

No more nonsense items on your bill.

You've already invested in your smile, but that doesn't mean you should have to live with a subpar solution. We've cut out all the fluff to reduce your costs.

Find out if you're a candidate -
Your smile shouldn't hold you back.

Here are a Few Transformations to Help You
Imagine Your Own

Before Denture After Denture
No More Dentures Perfect Smile without Dentures
No More Dentures No More Dentures
Before NoMo Dentures After NoMo Dentures
Before Denture After Denture
Before NoMo Dentures After NoMo Dentures
No More Dentures No More Dentures
No More Dentures Perfect Smile without Dentures
Can't Get Enough of These Smile Transformations?



Our Process Allows for Safe & Natural Healing
Four years ago, when I was visiting Las Vegas I had an emergency situation with severe toothache. It was terrible. Fortunately, I found Dr. Benjamin because he had a lot of positive reviews. Since then, I have come specially from San Diego to Las Vegas to all my dental needs. A long road and a big traffic do not screed me. This Weekend I had an scheduled appointment for two fillings and wisdom teeth’s removals. And you know what? Everything was great. It didn't hurt me even when the anesthesia was gone. Dr. Benjamin is very professional and knowledgeable and I trust him as I trust myself. Recommend everybody!
Lara P.
Always service with a smile. And very prompt with messaging, telephone, etc. Much Appreciated.
Alnasir D.
Thank you Dr. Benjamin for taking such good care of me! You made the whole experience painless! I recommend you to anyone who is as afraid of the dentist as I am.
Johanna L.
Nothing but hugs, nothing but loven nothing but the best feeling forever. I knew from the 1st time when Dr. Benjamin talked to me that my life would change for the better. Every person in that office has some sort of force field that just emanates love in 360 (degrees). I thank each and every one of you for having the highest degree of professionalism that will be ever found anyplace.
Michelle R.
The staff is so comforting and walks you though all your options. Anyone looking for a great dentist please check out Dream dental
Danny H.
Having recently moved permanently to Las Vegas I did some research to find Dream Dental. My first visit with was for cleaning and consultation for repair of a chipped front tooth. Dr Benjamin explained the best procedure and path forward. Samantha explained the costs and insurance procedures to me and the entire staff has been very helpful, caring and professional.
Michael C.
My temporary teeth cracked. An appointment was made for about 2 hours after my call. Went to my appointment and everything was fixed and I was on my way home in no time. This was on a Friday and the repair was completed quickly.
Ginny P.
Dr. Benjamin is so kind, patient and professional. He has extensive knowledge and skills to make the dream smile that I wanted with affordable cost. I’ve seen many other dentists in town and all of them wanted to to unnecessary works done without hearing what I wanted. Dr. B listens and works with you to get done what you want to accomplish. I am so grateful for all his work and patience. His staffs are also very friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the whole experience.
Chikae T.
Here's how it works

Our Process Allows for Safe & Natural Healing

Book a Free Consultation
Book a
Free Consultation

During this no-pressure consultation, we’ll examine your mouth, determine if you’re a candidate, and give you all-inclusive, no-surprise pricing for your treatment.

Try On Your New Smile
"Try On" Your New
Smile, Digitally

See your smile before the procedure. We’ll take initial images and send you a preview of your new, permanent smile within about 48 hours of your complimentary consultation.

Say Goodbye to Dentures Forever
Say Goodbye
to Dentures Forever

When you’re ready, we’ll use generous sedation, place your implants, and let them heal naturally. Then, after a trial run with a high-quality mock-up, we’ll fixate your show-stopping smile once and for all.

Dr. Ilya Benjamin
Dr. Ilya Benjamin
the creator

With more than two decades of experience helping patients who were disheartened by their dentures, Dr. Ilya Benjamin knew there was a better, more cost-effective way to help.

Using a deep understanding of both implant surgery and prosthodontics and after perfecting his skills in his practice’s in-house lab, Dr. Benjamin invented ZirTeeth®, the bio-compatible, zirconia prosthetics used in the No More Dentures process.  

Learn more about the procedure —
You might still be wondering...

Dental work is far from fun, but that doesn’t mean it has to be such a pain. From your first appointment through the life of your smile, our team prioritizes your comfort. This means we’ll use generous sedation options along with graftless surgery for quicker healing, whenever possible. And, in every case, we utilize break-through technology to deliver the most precise fit for your permanent smile to ensure long-term comfort.

No matter how beautiful and durable our zirconia prosthetics are, we want to make sure your smile feels like yours. That’s why, before we do any work in your mouth, you’ll have a chance to review a digital preview of your face with your new smile! Then, to be extra sure you’re in love, you’ll get a high-quality, temporary mock-up to try out before we build your permanent solution.

With two opportunities to try on your new smile that include a complimentary change order for each (and additional change orders available with a small fee), you’ll be absolutely sure the look and fit are precisely what you want!

While your initial consultation and implant surgery can be scheduled in a matter of days, we allow your gums to heal completely before setting your permanent implants. With this natural healing* time, the entire process generally takes about 4-6 months. Review the step-by-step overview of the process here.

So, what do you wear while your gums heal? Instead of investing in a costly temporary bridge to wear while your gums heal from your implant procedure, our process allows you to wear the dentures you already have. This cost-saving step saves you thousands.

*Natural healing is a critical step for long-term success. And, frankly, it’s one that many of our competitors skip. Read more about the importance of natural healing here.

We’re sensitive to the fact that you’ve already invested in dentures, and we work hard to reduce costs without compromising quality. For example, instead of investing in a costly temporary bridge to wear while your gums heal from your implant procedure, our process allows you to wear the dentures you already have. This step alone shaves thousands off your cost.

To avoid any surprises along the way, we invite you to use our transparent cost calculator to get a comprehensive look at your total investment while browsing financing options that work best for you.

No More Dentures are a permanent, life-long solution. Normal daily maintenance, like brushing and flossing, and a visit to the office every three to four years for a deeper clean are required.
and get back
to a life you love.