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Fear of Dental Implants

Numerous individuals suffer from dental anxiety. Many skip dental cleanings and checkups because of the fear of dentists. For millions of patients who suffer from dental anxiety, procedures such as dental implants or root canals are almost unthinkable.

However, dental implants win hands out when it comes to the most excellent tooth replacement options. Not only are they long-lasting, but they also outperform other solutions such as dentures or bridges in terms of durability.

If your dental anxiety is preventing you from maintaining optimal oral and dental health, it’s time to learn what quality dental implants performed by a smile specialist like Dr. Ilya Benjamin in Las Vegas, Nevada, truly feel like.

Dental Implants Should Not Hurt.

Almost everyone with dental anxiety believes that dental implants are painful, as drilling the bone to install the implants does sound uncomfortable. However, this is a frequent myth connected with dental implants. Dental implants should not be painful, especially when performed by a qualified specialist.

Patient comfort and safety are top priorities at NoMo Dentures in Las Vegas, Nevada. Dr. Ilya Benjamin ensures that patients understand the procedure and that sedative choices and graftless surgery are appropriate and suited during the initial consultation.

You Won’t Have to Go Without Teeth.

Many individuals are hesitant to have dental implants since they would have to wait for the gums to recover completely. However, this does not necessarily mean that you must go without teeth.

NoMo Dentures appreciates the value of natural healing while also understanding that many patients are afraid to get implants due to the gap that may occur throughout the healing process. As a result, and in order to keep treatment costs as low as possible, Dr. Benjamin encourages patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, to keep their existing dentures rather than investing in temporary bridges or crowns. Many patients have saved thousands of dollars because of this cost-cutting method.

Dental Implants Have a High Success Rate.

You have most likely asked your dentist or yourself at least ten times, “What happens if my dental implants fail?”

Only a few people have experienced dental implant failure, and none of them were under the supervision of Dr. Ilya Benjamin. Beyond the fact that Dr. Ilya Benjamin has successfully treated thousands of patients in Las Vegas, Nevada, with dental implants, his cutting-edge technology and expertise help to ensure that your treatment goes as successfully as possible, even years after the procedure.

Overall, dental implants have a success rate of 95 percent or higher in most cases. Your implants will last a lifetime if you maintain a healthy oral hygiene practice.

Great Sedation Options Are Always Available.

Many individuals are unable to overcome their dental anxiety. But don’t fear, Dr. Benjamin has excellent sedation methods for those anxious about going to the dentist.

NoMo Dentures places your implants using a guided, graftless method whenever possible, allowing for faster healing. This gentle approach, combined with proper sedation, will help keep you comfortable during and after the procedure.