This is a true story of a patient that came to our center upset with a previous dentist.




The high price of cheap dentistry

When Kelvin Larsson first came to us, he was anxious. For good reason, too. His previous dentist, one who promised the “cheapest dental service” in town had left him toothless.

Despite paying several thousand for four implants to what appeared to be an affordable dentist, he somehow lost all of his teeth.

Losing such a significant amount of money with nothing to show for it left him feeling upset with dentists.

Worse still, other practices were quoting even bigger sums to give Kelvin the teeth he longed for.

Case like this are a strong reminder that cheap dentistry is not always the best option, especially when it costs more to redo the work.

The importance of listening

Like all of our patients, our process began with a consultation – either in person, by video or a home visit in our mobile unit.

Listening is the best way, as a dentist, that I can understand what’s going on in my client’s life.

Kelvin came in that day very upset. Because we work with, frankly, far too many clients who find themselves in unfortunate positions like this, we know how important it is to hear their very real concerns.

Once he was feeling calmer, I talked him through our process and addressed his concerns.

We were able to agree a straightforward, all-inclusive price to bring back his smile. This included the cost of adding two more implants in the back and converting him to ZirTeeth full arch set of teeth.

Because it was such a pressure-free situation, Kelvin felt confident that we would progress with work at his pace.

Creating Kelvin’s new smile

Once we imaged his mouth, our breakthrough imaging software allowed us to create a digital preview of Kelvin’s new smile.

Cleverly, it recreates your mouth digitally with 120 microns of accuracy. It’s the best in the industry and it’s our secret to giving clients a natural bite, so that permanent prosthetics fit perfectly.

A painless implant procedure

Impressed by the appearance of his new smile, we arranged his implant procedure, involving two implants at the back of the mouth.

We prefer to take a guided, graftless approach with implants as it means quicker healing.

Combining this gentle approach with generous sedation kept Kelvin feeling at ease and comfortable throughout the procedure and healing process.

Time: the greatest healer

Unlike alternative bridge solutions or ‘snap-on’ dentures, we do not force new teeth into a mouth which hasn’t properly healed.

We allowed Kelvin’s mouth the time it needs to heal naturally. Generally, this process takes between four and six months.

However, a great smile is worth the wait. This ensures a more precise fit in the long run.

Trialling the new smile

Using Kelvin’s exact measurements, we 3D-printed a beautiful mock-up bridge. Wearing it for a week allowed Kelvin to experience the look, fit and bite prior to the prosthetics being introduced.

Once the design was finalized, our in-house lab technicians handcrafted Kelvin’s new teeth. Our skilled team use the industry’s most advanced technology to construct zirconia prosthetics.

Fixating Kelvin’s smile

Kelvin’s new smile is constructed from the most biocompatible, aesthetic, and virtually bullet-proof material available for prosthetic teeth.

As impressed as he is with its natural bite, Kelvin’s still over-the-moon our team’s gentle and professional approach.

He says: “From our very first conversation, I knew Dr Benjamin would change my life for the better. Like everyone in his office, he emanates love and he’s demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism I have ever experienced.”

In the current climate, patients looking for full-mouth rehabilitation, like Kelvin, should consider doing it close to home. It means that if something goes wrong, COVID-19 restrictions won’t stand in the way of correcting it.

To discover your long-lost smile and make your mouth look and feel as good as you do, why not book a consultation today?

By Dr. Ilya Benjamin, DMD