5 Things You Should Consider When Comparing Implant Centers

If you have failing teeth or no dentition, at some point you will consider seeking solutions for your oral and overall digestion health. You will probably do some online research and start making decision to choose the right Implant Center to provide advice and eventually resolve your problem. Below are 5 important factors that you should consider when comparing Implant Centers:

#1 Is The Center bragging too much that they invented the procedure?

Avoid Big- Ego Centers like a plaque because most likely they won’t listen to your needs, nor carry you to the last mile. You may find those clinics in every city online. Typically they start with a “letter” followed by a “number” like “X4” or “N4”, where by the letter is the doctor’s name and number stands for the number of implants.

Let’s break this down really simple! There is no single doctor except for renowned Dr. Per-Ingvar Brånemark who was the sole creator of The All-On-4 concept, a procedure that provides permanent bridge replacement for the entire upper and/or lower set of teeth. So be aware of claims that someone is the “creator” or has a “unique system”. It’s all hogwash and baloney. Many dentists around the world do this treatment, some are more passionate than others.

Avoid choosing center due to its outlandish claims of any superiority in a “secret sauce” or a “magic wand”. Implant Dentistry has inherent risks and yes, things sometimes don’t work out. But at the end, it’s about finding a doctor that you have a connection with, someone who will take care of your needs properly and lead you through the healing process as an expert without selling you the “big guru” story.

#2 Does The Center use leading- edge digital technology to preserve your bite?

For this procedure the key is not only oral surgery, but the ability to restore teeth in a cosmetic and functional way where bite force is extremely important. It’s neuromuscular and you do not want to change it.

There are two ways to achieve this: analog and digital. Analog is the old fashion way where a Denturist sets teeth and finishes the case in acrylic material wrapped around a metal bar. The digital way is new and more precise. This workflow requires ownership of the latest hardware and knowledge of the software to replicate your bite in the best functional and esthetic way. We achieve this through stereophotogrammetry or PIC Camera to capture implant positioning to 20 microns.

Trios, another digital hardware, allows us to capture your bite and size of teeth before the surgery takes place. This is important because we want to replicate your bite after the process. However, when an analog process is chosen a lot of your bite is determined by a denturist when mounting your case on an articulator. Hence, to avoid any problems with TMJ we always replicate your bite through digital workflow.

#3 How is The Center fabricating teeth?

Again there are two ways: gluing the denture teeth around metal bar in acrylic, or using CAD/CAM milling. We use the latter! In other words, we mill from Zirconia.

We are so good at handling this material that we named our company, ZirTeeth®. Where Zir stands for Zirconia. Although it is a hard material to work with, it’s well worth for the patient since its homogenous and less porous than acrylic material.

Why is that so important? The main reason is when compared to acrylic, it does not stain, smell or chip. But like anything in life, new improvements in biomaterials are always making headway. Being said that, nano particle zirconia is a promising “new kid on the block”.

#4 Does The Center wait enough before giving you permanent teeth?

All over the internet there are ridiculous claims about the “get new teeth in 24 hours” process. WARNING: This is our opinion and our philosophy, where one can’t argue with a science:

Osseointegration and soft tissue healing takes between four to six months. If a process that you are buying is trying to cheat on mother nature, then you are putting yourself at a huge risk. Simply stated, biology is biology and you cannot rig the system. The plain truth of why these centers want to finish these cases so fast, is that they don’t want to deal with you — the patient!

Think about this: if God created a full set of teeth in 16 years, how in the world can a human defeat this process in one day? Typically patients that get these procedures in one to three days have problems with phonetics, food impaction, and possible implant failure under the bridge that they would notice if they have waited long enough (four to six months) to heal properly.

#5 What does The Center do for community?
Look for a center that gives back to the community through kindness and charity. For instance, we have an annual event through a Facebook essay contest where under-privileged patients can seek treatment. We love putting a dent in the universe by helping under-privileged people.

In conclusion, ZirTeeth’s mission is to give you the best dental treatment experience and it starts with integrity!