Affordable Dental Implants For Las Vegas Residents

Calling all Las Vegas Residents in need of implant and restorative dentistry!

NoModentures is busy giving the residents of Las Vegas the smile they’ve been dreaming of with all of the capabilities of their original smile, it might be time to get yours.

What Is An Implant?

Getting implants instead of dentures is a simple process with a major payoff.

If you already have dentures you’ll know all about the inconvenience and discomfort caused by their ill-fitting and always shifting tendencies. Not only are they uncomfortable, but they can also be very limiting.

It is because of all of these disadvantages that we pride ourselves on making dental implants as effective and accessible as they can be at NoModentures.

On top of the implants, there is a custom-fit, permanent, bridge solution that will give you your life back.

What Are The Benefits?

There are endless benefits of opting for the implant option, the main ones are as follows.

They will give you your confidence and comfort. Using break-through microtechnology, we start by ensuring a perfect fit with at least 120 microns of accuracy.

You will regain your ability to chew normally and eat anything. We custom-build your bridge from zirconia, the most biocompatible, aesthetic, and virtually bullet-proof material for prosthetic teeth – your bite will be indestructible.

They are a permanent and affordable solution. They don’t move and they don’t change their fit, you can rely on them to see you through and we’ve cut out all the fluff to reduce your costs and keep you smiling.

Where Do I Begin?

If you’ve read this far it’s pretty clear that you’re ready for a change.

NoModentures is the prime solution of implants in Las Vegas with a fully digital workflow that leaves no room for error.

With more than two decades of experience helping patients who were disheartened by their dentures, Dr. Ilya Benjamin knew there was a better, more cost-effective way to help. Using a deep understanding of both implant surgery and prosthodontics, Dr. Benjamin invented ZirTeeth®, the bio-compatible, zirconia prosthetics used in the No More Dentures process.

In 3 easy steps you can get yourself a smile that you can count on:

  1. Book a Free Consultation: During this no-pressure consultation, we’ll examine your mouth, determine if you’re a candidate, and give you all-inclusive, no-surprise pricing for your treatment.
  2. “Try On” Your New Smile Digitally:See your smile before the procedure. We’ll take initial images and send you a preview of your new, permanent smile within about 48 hours of your complimentary consultation.
  3. Say Goodbye to Dentures Forever:When you’re ready, we’ll use generous sedation, place your implants, and let them heal naturally. Then, after a trial run with a high-quality mock-up, we’ll fixate your show-stopping smile once and for all.

    If you’re ready to get started, why not find out just how affordable this solution can be with our price calculator?

    Your new smile is just a few clicks away!

Our Process Allows for Safe & Natural Healing


I want

Top Arch


Bottom Arch


No More Failing Teeth


My ridge is



Flat (atrophied)


For sedation:

No need


Snoring deep


During healing, I will wear:

My Old Denture


New Locked Temporary


I have:

Low smile line


Gummy smile


My Final Teeth will be:





When I smile, I show on the side:

First Molar


Second Molar