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Getting Full Mouth Dental Implants may be expensive from a general dentist, but not at NOMO Denture Center.

More than ever, denture wearers are now ditching their dentures for permanent implant bridges at NoMo Dentures.

We all know that getting a full set of dental implants is expensive. The range can be from $27,000 and up per arch in national implant centers like ClearChoice. However, NoMo offers affordable prices starting at $14,995. Here are 5 reasons why going to a NoMo Denture makes more sense:

  1. We don’t treat in stages rather all at once. Other dentists break up your treatment into the placement of implants, healing time, and temporary placement in 4 months. But our innovative procedure delivers immediate temporary at the end of the surgery — same day. We use the latest in dental technology like 3D Printing and stereophotogrammetry. This means that you’ll get the most precise fit.
  2. Pay for what you need and not what others need. The cost is dependent on 2 things: your bone condition and esthetic demands. For instance, someone that has enough jaw bone and low esthetic demands can expect to pay $14,995. But for those that require more advanced surgical techniques and esthetic customization, then they will pay more.
  3. Most implant centers only offer a one size fits all solution, a cookie-cutter approach. NoMo Denture Center offers an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. For instance, some patients may require that not all of their teeth be removed. Sometimes, an opposing arch can be maintained by seeing a hygienist or getting general dentistry, which we do as well.
  4. At NoMo Dentures, we understand that getting dental implants can be a scary process, which is why we provide compassionate care throughout the entire process. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident with your decision to get implants. That is why all of our cases are done under complete sedation.
  5. We utilize a bone graft-free technique for constructing the case by utilizing zygomatic dental implants. It also benefits you since a bone graft might fall, requiring you to repeat the operation or postpone implants.