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Your Sedation Options at NoMo Dentures

NoMo Dentures places a premium on superior service and dental care. Its cutting-edge technology and in-house lab in Las Vegas, Nevada, ensure that your dental procedures are comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. One of the most modern techniques that make this possible is sedation dentistry.

Sedation can be used for anything from major surgery to basic dental cleanings. However, it is customized to your specific needs depending on your level of anxiety, duration of the procedure, medical history, and unique preferences. Dental sedation at NoMo Dentures include the following:

Anxiolysis or Minimal Sedation

A patient under minimal sedation can still respond to verbal directions. It is often done through inhaled “laughing gas” or a lower dosage of Halcion—a pill that can make you drowsy throughout the procedure.

Moderate Sedation

Also known as Conscious Sedation, this state may cause patients to slur their speeches while still being able to respond to verbal directions. Patients may also forget most of the treatment procedures. Moderate sedation can be done by using a higher dosage of Halcion or IV sedation, a sedative drug injected into the vein.

Deep Sedation

Patients under deep sedation are semi-conscious. Patients cannot be easily awakened but can respond to repetitive or painful stimulation.

General Anesthesia

Patients registered under general anesthesia are completely unconscious and will not respond to repetitive or painful stimulation until the drug wears off or is reversed with another medicine.

Your dental anxiety should not prevent you from receiving the dental treatment you need. Sedation dentistry can help you get the treatment you deserve for quality long-term dental health. .